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Bunny Hooded Bath Towel

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Hooded baby bath cape with bunny ears

What could be cuter than a baby wearing a bunny ears hodded towel? This original baby bath cape will make your little one even cuter than he already is, while drying him off every time he gets out of the bath. Your bunny will be all cozy and warm once wrapped up in this cape made from soft, comfortable flannel fabric. Easier to put on than a bathrobe, this original bath garment is a must-have in baby's wardrobe!

  • Composition: flannel
  • 85 cm long
  • Soft, fluffy, absorbent fabric
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for babies from 0 to 12 months
  • Details: bunny ear hood
  • Use: bathrobe, blanket, towel
Bébé Lapin Bath Cape - rabbit
Bunny Hooded Bath Towel Sale price$39.00