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Article: How to wear a Poncho when you're Short?

How to wear a Poncho when you're Short?

How to wear a Poncho when you're Short?

Have you succumbed to the poncho trend but are short in stature and don't know how to wear it properly? Are you afraid that the poncho or cape will cramp your style and hesitate to take the plunge and adopt this trendy garment? Don't worry, even if most ponchos are designed for tall or medium-sized women, short women and proud of it will also be able to wear them to perfection by following our invaluable advice!

In this article you'll discover:

  • Criteria to consider when choosing a poncho for petite women
  • The pitfalls to avoid so that your poncho doesn't constrict you
  • Our tips for wearing a poncho if you're small AND round

The poncho is an elegant and warm garment that you can throw over your shoulders (for the cape) or slip over your head (for the poncho) to instantly embellish your outfit. And it's this practicality that makes the poncho such a success! Perfect for winter and autumn, the poncho is easy to wear when you know how to choose it and accessorize it to suit your morphology. It's also a perfect Christmas gift to give this festive season.

By reading this article, you'll soon be able to take advantage of the many benefits this trendy garment has to offer!

Let's find out all about it without further ado! 👇

The length of the poncho 📏

If you're small in stature, it's advisable to choose a shorter poncho to give the impression that your legs are a little longer. A poncho or cape that's too long risks compacting your figure. The ideal poncho length is just above the thighs.

Another tip is to wear your poncho or cape with a trapeze skirt: your silhouette won't be compressed and your exposed legs will make you look taller. You can also belt your poncho at the waist with a wide belt to better define it and elongate your silhouette.

One mistake many petite women make is to wear their poncho with flat shoes. Whenever possible, opt for heels to add a few centimetres of height. If you're not a fan of heels, platform derbies will do just fine!

Poncho shape and proportion

Ideally, your poncho should fit snugly without being too loose or bulky: a bit like an oversized sweater.

You can opt for a diagonal-cut poncho, which will highlight your legs on one side and give character to your outfit.

If you choose a rectangular poncho and wear it with leggings, you can rotate it so that the longer triangular part can cover your crotch and buttocks. If you want it to look a little shorter, you can turn it asymmetrically.

Wearing a poncho when you're short AND round

If you're short and round and your body is apple-shaped 🍎 i.e. your upper body is wider than your lower body, here are a few tips to avoid the potato sack effect when wearing a poncho:

  • Choose a black poncho, which is the most slimming color.
  • Wear a top with vertical stripes longer than the poncho to add width at the hips and balance out your apple shape.
  • Choose a poncho that's short or not very long

Choose your poncho now!

With all this information, you now know how to choose the right poncho and what mistakes not to make to avoid the potato sack effect. 🥔 Because everything small is cute, we offer a large selection of ponchos and capes for petite women to satisfy your fashion cravings!

Discover them now by clicking on the image below! 👇

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