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Article: How to Look Slim in a Poncho?

How to Look Slim in a Poncho?

How to Look Slim in a Poncho?

Ponchos are all the rage, and for good reason! Indeed, these garments from winter fashion are full of advantages. They simply add style to any outfit, and are a warmer, more elegant alternative to scarves. Depending on the season or climate you live in, you can even slip them on without having to wear a coat over them!

Contrary to popular belief, ponchos are suitable for all body types. You just need to know how to choose the right one. Ponchos are your best friend when it comes to amouflaging imperfectionsWomen with a bit of belly and hips will find the poncho a great ally in reconciling elegance and curves. Here's our advice on how to wear a poncho when you're curvy! 👇

porter poncho quand on est ronde

Tip 1: Balance your outfit

The poncho, or cape, is a loose garment, which is why it's important not to wear baggy bottoms to avoid the potato sack effect. 🥔

So it's best to avoid wearing wide, bohemian-style skirts or dresses (unless you're wearing a shorter poncho), or baggys.

You can wear your poncho with slim pants, leggings or a pencil skirt or dress. For a leg-lengthening effect, wear skinny jeans with high boots or boyfriend jeans with ankle boots. A short dress is also perfect for a modern look that's not too baggy.

For a dressy style to wear to chic evening events, the fur poncho with faux leather skirt and pumps is the perfect combo for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Tip 2: Mark your waist with a belt

To emphasize and elongate your silhouette, simply add a belt to your outfit! Choose a black leather belt that will go well with any poncho. There are also belted ponchos with integrated and often matching belts.

Tip 3: Choose the right length

The most flattering poncho length for curvy women is one that falls below the waist. By choosing a poncho that falls to mid-thigh, you can't go wrong! So opt for a poncho grande taille that covers your hips and thighs well.

Tip 4: Choose the right patterns

There's a wide variety of ponchos in different patterns to suit all tastes. The types of poncho best suited to curvaceous women are: the tartan check poncho, the large check poncho, and the diagonal or vertical stripe poncho.

And don't go overboard with patterns either. Twisted-knit ponchos are perfect for slimming the silhouette, especially when the knit is oriented diagonally along the body.

Tip n°5: Choose dark colors

Dark colors are renowned for slimming. As you can't change a winning team, we advise you to opt for ponchos in dark colors (no floral or colorful motifs, of course) and preferably monochrome for a modern look.

Tip n°6: Choice of materials

Our advice is simple: don't choose materials that are too thick or stiff, or you'll look like a lampshade, and don't choose materials that are too thin, or you'll feel cold.

Tip 7: Add accessories

Ponchos, especially monochrome ones, can look a little boring. To add a modern, feminine look and draw the eye elsewhere, you can wear some trendy jewelry like hoop earrings or a long pendant, for example. Add a small handbag and you're all set! ✨

Choose your poncho now!

Now that you know how to wear a poncho with elegance and confidence while assuming your pretty curves, discover all our ponchos for women and get your hands on yours! Just click on the image below 👇

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