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Article: The Different Types of Women's Ponchos

Women's poncho

The Different Types of Women's Ponchos

Ponchos are back, and they're a wonderful alternative to jackets, coats, cardigans and shawls. From casual to bohemian to elegant, ponchos can embellish your outfit in no time.

This easy-to-wear trendy garment is suitable for everyone and comes in a variety of styles, colors, patterns and materials. To get an idea of the wide variety of ponchos and discover our tips on how to wear this must-have piece, keep reading this article, which rounds up the main styles ! 👇


poncho bohème

If you're into bohemian chic or hippie style, forget the jacket and opt for a bohemian poncho as a garment to combat the seasonal chill. There are many types of bohemian ponchos in different colors and patterns to suit all tastes. They are generally quite long and most of them have bangs at the base. What bohemian ponchos have in common is that they inspire a sense of freedom and independence in the wearer.

Wear your favorite bohemian poncho with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a dress, playing on color layering to perfect this trendy look.


poncho tricot

The poncho knit is your best ally for facing the winter cold. Knitted by hand or machine, this warm poncho for women is generally made from wool. Very comfortable to wear, you'll feel like you're wearing your favorite plaid.

Wear it with high black leather boots for elegant protection on cold winter days.


poncho carreaux

For a modern, sophisticated look, the checked poncho is just what you need. Wear it over a turtleneck sweater for even more protection from the cold. With high-heeled shoes, your legs will be beautifully highlighted.


poncho col roulé

The turtleneck poncho is a timeless piece that will protect your neck from the cold. This winter garment accentuates shoulders and shapes faces with slender necks. The turtleneck poncho is a flattering garment that suits everyone. If you're slim, wear a poncho with a high collar. If, on the other hand, you're more curvaceous, opt for a loose turtleneck that doesn't constrict the neck.


poncho franges

A poncho with fringes enhances a simple look. This style of poncho is very popular with hippie chic fans and is very easy to wear. The easiest way is to wear it with a comfortable pair of jeans.


cape femme

The cape is the most elegant version of the poncho. This garment is a perfect substitute for a coat or jacket. The cape for women gives a confident, modern business woman look. You can wear this trendy piece to work over a dress with high heels, or with black pants and high boots. In both cases, the emphasis will be on your legs, which will appear longer.


poncho coloré

To bring color to your day, opt for a colorful poncho! This type of poncho will enhance your style by adding character and an original touch to your outfit. With a black skirt or a pair of jeans, this style is perfect for autumn and spring.


poncho couleur unie

For a more sober, uncluttered look, you can opt for a poncho in a solid color. This type of poncho gives a serious look, making it ideal for work. Wear it with black pants or leggings to complete this work outfit.


poncho été

Yes, summer ponchos are sublime. Deliciously cool, the summer poncho is worn over a tank top that can be glimpsed through its knit fabric. With or without bangs, the summer poncho is a chic must-have that dresses you up with freshness and lightness.


poncho fourrure

The poncho with fur or faux fur is very popular with fashionistas in winter. This classy garment brings unrivalled elegance to your outfit and stands on its own. Some of these ponchos are completely covered in fur, while others only have fur on the collar, sleeves and trim.


poncho pompon

The poncho with tassels is a sweet reminder of our childhood. This style of poncho adds a chic, feminine touch to your outfit. In autumn or spring, wear it with your favorite mini shorts to protect you from drafts.


Sweat Poncho

The poncho sweat is the ultimate casual poncho. This sweatshirt-inspired type of poncho usually features a central pocket, hood and drawstrings. This style is ideal for sportswomen or those with a casual look.


poncho capuche

The hooded poncho also belongs to the casual poncho category. It gives a modern, active look to the wearer. The hood provides extra protection against the cold and rain.



Last but not least, the swoncho. A cross between a poncho and a wool sweatshirt, this type of poncho has the particularity of having short sleeves that don't go up to the armpits. Over a shirt, the swoncho gives a chic style perfect for work.

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